3 Steps to become an Embedded Software Engineer

Many students and beginners have questions in their minds about how to become an Embedded Engineer or Embedded Software developer or Embedded Software Engineer.

I will try to give an answer based on my experience.

many beginners have problems with where to start. and how to become an Embedded Engineer. they are confused about how to start. there are 3 easy steps to becoming an Embedded Software Engineer.

Step1: ” Learn C language “

C language is a base of Embedded Software engineer. all the Embedded System Code will be written in C language. in your mind have a question why C? not another programming language. the simple answer is C language is a middle-level language using C language Execution will be faster compared to other programming languages. we need to communicate 1 ECU (Electronic control unit) to another ECU. and take data from the sensor in micro or nanoseconds.

Where to learn C language?

Book Recommendation:

  1. C in Depth
  2. Let us C
  3. Test your C skill
  4. The C programming language

Free Course:

Zero to Hero in C language Live Paid Course [FREE]

Youtube: Zero to Hero in C language

Do every day 1 program. Practice practice practice.

Practice is the key to becoming a good software developer.

Step 2: ” Start with an 8-bit (small) microcontroller “

after learning C language now you know how to do coding. next how to embedded it?

purchase a small 8-bit microcontroller 8051 kit. and start doing code and experimenting with it.

many kits available in the market. pick anyone. learn basic about 8051 microcontrollers.

  1. Serial programming
  2. Input/output peripherals.
  3. LED Program with breadboard
  4. Timers.
  5. Interrupts
  6. Memory

Step 3: ” Start Interfacing and make your own breadboard circuit”

After Understanding C language and 8051 Microcontroller basic. now you have to make big projects with breadboards and LED Sensors and Microcontrollers.

ex: Seven Segment LED Display. Counting numbers on display. use communication protocols like UART, I2c, SPI, and CAN to communicate with other ECU. and do complex programming like making decorating lights. and many more…

Do Project with ADC and Stepper Motor. Timer, Clock, as well.

Now Stop Reading books and start doing.

Do big projects like automation, Medical science automation, Traffic light signal automation, automotive ex: Remote key via RF and LF communication, ATM Machines, Washing Machine programming, and much more…

Don’t copy from anywhere. make your own and showcase it on Github. and write on your resume It will make your portfolio strong.

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