Day1: Why do You need to Learn C language?

C language is the mother of all programming languages.

C language makes your coding base clear.

For example:  if you build a home. 1st you make the base as strong so your home or Apartment life is more. similar way if you want to make your career in coding you should know about C language.

Other examples: Manual gear cars and Auto gear cars. if someone learns manual car first then he/she needs to learn auto gear car he/she car learn easily. if someone learns auto car first then learn manual car it’s very difficult for them to learn the manual car. a similar way in coding if you learn c language first then you can learn any programming language easily.

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History of C language:

C language is a middle-level programming language. developed by Dennis M. Richie (1970). in Bell Laboratory. the main motto was developed C language was to develop an operating system (OS). Linux OS developed in C language