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How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

a job interview is a conversation between 2 people. one needs people and the other needs a job for feeding their family.

career, hiring, job search-3536331.jpg

1. Research about company profile.

do research about the company and what types of work they are doing. there are many ways, to do research on the internet, ask their company employee, make connections with the company’s employees via LinkedIn and ask them about the company.

2. Prepare yourself for open positions

to which position you have applied. learn everything related to your applied position. prepare yourself first don’t go without preparation.

3. Be punctual

It is mandatory to reach on time for an interview. your discipline and seriousness make an impact on the interview.

4. Showcase your positive learning attitude.

No one is perfect in this world. don’t get nervous and don’t get overconfident. be whatever you are. show your attitude positive and learning attitude. The interviewer wants the person that can do their work. so always showcase a positive learning attitude.

5. know why you are here for this position in this company?

may be Interviewer will ask you why you applied to this company and this position. prepare yourself for that.

6. know your strength and weakness.

you should know your weakness and strength according to your strength and convince the interviewer. be prepared for your weakness also.

7. Brush up on your skills

before the interview Brush up on your skills for the Interview. such as small talk, listening, and empathy.

8. Think about body language.

Be aware of what you’re communicating through your posture and stance — and make sure it’s good. (For example, sitting with your arms and legs crossed sends a message that you are closed off or feel defensive.) Think your movements through ahead of time so you’re not distracted (or distracting) during the interview. If you’re on video, think about how you’ll show that you’re actively engaged in that format — putting the Zoom window near your camera so you’re not looking away from your interviewer, for example, or making non-verbal gestures or expressions to show that you’re listening without cutting off their microphone.

9. Try some Mock Interviews

If you have the time, do a few mock interviews with a friend or loved one. You’ll be much better at answering, “What would you bring to the position?” the 100th time you do it and you’ll know ahead of time where you want to put your hands or how you want to sit.

10. figure out what to wear.

Unless you’re prepping for a phone interview, you’ll need to take your physical appearance into account. (And yes, for video interviews, that does include pants.) Not sure what to wear? Ask a contact at the company if you have one or scope out photos on their social media and dress at least as professionally as employees do. For example, for a casual environment, business casual is appropriate for an interview.

These are the most important tips I get through my experience.

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